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Donations are needed for feed and veterinary care

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We started Billy's New Hope Barn, Inc in October of 2011. Realizing that farm animals were slipping through the cracks. They have no voice. We work to give them a voice and a loving home. All of the animals that we take in will spend their lives out on our farm. They are surrounded by love and compassion. We have beautiful Mary Lou. She was a race horse and when was unable to race because of a damaged shoulder. She was going to be sent to slaughter. Mabel and Minnie lived on a dairy farm, but were malnourished and sickly. They have been with us for over 5 years and are healthy and happy. They spend their days in the pasture. They enjoy their new life. Morla and her piglets, Pebbles, BamBam and Ruby were taken away from a farm in Kingston, NY. Morla has a broken tail from abuse. It took a long time for us to trust us. Now, they live a wonderful life eating apples and other produce. They love to root in their pasture. They know that no one will ever hurt them again. This is just a few of the rescue farm animals. Over 40 in all, with their own stories. Now, they are happy and loved. Please donate so we can care for these animals and for the animals that need to come to our farm. There are many more that need our help. It takes money for their care. All donations are used directly on the animals. We are all volunteer. No one receives a paycheck.